Nothing like the taste...

...of the season's first strawberries from the Farmer's Market. Today, I went to the Brighton Farmer's market and walked out with a lavender plant, super sweet strawberries and little perfect carrots. I love fresh produce in general; I like it when the money that pays for it goes to a local business.

And while it's early in the season, there are still veggies to be had: radishes, turnips, lettuce and other leafy greens, green onions, asparagus...and now strawberries! What I also love about farmers markets is that the proprietors give you good cooking tips...and here was my tip of the day: use the greens on the top of the carrots; they can be used just like parsley. today when I was making my slow cooker Manhattan-style clam chowder - a simple recipe of clams, tomatoes, carrots, potatoes, onions and some spices -- the recipe called for parsley, so I used the carrot greens...and it least it seemed to...just like parsley.

The soup is still simmering…

All About the Experience

All About the Experience For me, attending live theatre is not just for the play but for the overall experience. Last night, John and I went to opening night at GEVA for a new play called “The Book Club Play.” As a new play, our audience was the first official paying audience. There was some preview audiences through the week but our audience was the first paying ticket holders, subscribers.
The play was funny, entertaining….maybe a little too neat at the end…but it held my attention all the way through -- and made me laught out loud. I heard from some other audience members that they didn’t like it as much – maybe not enough substance, drame, a little too simple. But there are themes in the play that made me think. It was about finding some sort of meaning in your life, the thing that makes you tick. It made me appreciate the great books I have read and gave me the urge to write. But it was the overall experience of the night that I enjoyed the most. The excitement of being the first a…

Local Produce is Perfect

After I’ve read the paper on a Sunday, had my coffee and played with Zakk, the wonderdog, one of my favorite things to do is to go to the Brighton Farmers Market, located in the parking lot of Brighton High School. What it may lack in quantity, it makes up for in quality. It runs the gamut of food and farmers, from young entrepreneurs trying to make it in the agricultural landscape to seasoned meat and poultry producers to local bakeries. There is even a local snow cone maker who makes them with 100% juice. Healthy snowcones? The best.

There is something about a local farmers market after which I feel like I’ve made a direct contribution to our local economy. It may be a false sense of security but isn’t that we keep hearing – buy local; support local business. How much more local can you get than the farmers who grow it and then bring it to a parking lot to sell it? Cash only; directly into the hands of the producers; no middle man.

Today I had breakfast with a friend first and…

Change…synonymous with growth

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“Don’t Feed the Actors” Improv Comedy Troupe to Headline Event

ROCHESTER, NY – Rochester's Black Sheep Theatre Coalition announces its Improv-a-thon 2010 fundraiser on Friday, September 18, at 8:00 p.m. at Black Sheep’s Theatre -- 274 N. Goodman Street, Suite D-313.

In its third year, the event will feature “Don’t Feed the Actors” Improv Comedy Troupe ( as its headline group. In addition, Rich “Loopy Rich” Hughson -- mime, clown, juggler, comedian -- and traditional burlesque dancer Lola Goetz also will be performing.

Tickets are currently on sale: $12 in advance; $16 at the door. There will be food, door prizes, and a 50-50 raffle.

Please call the box office at (585) 414-3927 for tickets or visit for more information.

About Black Sheep Theatre Coalition
Rochester's Black Sheep Theatre Coalition is a group of artists promoting community service and education through the visual performing arts. Located at Black Sheep's Theatre, …